4 Simple Ways to Sustain Your Clean Pool

4 Simple Ways to Sustain Your Clean Pool


You should regularly

  • skim the pool surface
  • remove leaves and debris from the water
  • vacuum

You will want to check the skimmer baskets and strainer basket on you pool pump to clean them of debris.

You should also brush down the water line and clean the stairs of stains and grease.


Q: What can I use to clean my pool?

A: To clean around the water line and stairs, using any non-abrasive pool cleaning chemical.


Q. When should I clean my filter?

A. Filters should be cleaned annually and can be cleaned with a cleaning solution, following the directions on the label carefully.


Q. There are air bubbles shooting out of my jets. What is wrong?

A. The most common cause is a dirty filter that needs to be cleaned or back-washed. Other problems could be a loose pump lid, bad lid gasket, improperly tightened pump frost plugs, or debris in the pump impellor. If the problem persists call your service company.


Q. I noticed sand in my pool in front of my jets. What’s wrong?

A. A large amount of sand could mean there is a problem internally with your filter, either in the tank or filter head. Call a service technician.