Zodiac Chlorinator Troubleshooting

If you have a salt water pool then you have a chlorine generator and you will need to clean it periodically. These are the steps to clean the Zodiac Chlorine Generator. Continue reading

Cleaning a Hayward Aquarite Chlorine Generator

Cleaning a Hayward Aquarite Chlorine Generator   How do I clean my chlorine generator cell ? It is a Hayward Aquarite Chlorine Generator. To service and clean the Aqua Rite Cell: Turn off power to the Aqua Rite before removing … Continue reading

Chlorine Generator Red Flashing Lights

Chlorine Generator Red Flashing Lights     There are red flashing lights on my chlorine generator saying “check cell.” What should I do?   Check the salt reading on your unit and verify that your salt level is between 2700ppm … Continue reading

Aqua Rite Chlorine Generator Readings

I suddenly have strange readings on my Aqua Rite Chlorine Generator ? This occurs when you have accidentally switched your unit from the Fahrenheit mode to Celsius mode so the readings will be different. To switch your unit back to … Continue reading

Cartridge Filters

How do I remove and reinstall my cartridge filters? Turn the pump off Open the bleed valve on top of the filter (you’ll hear the water rush out of it) Take the band off Take the top off Pull the … Continue reading

Super-Chlorinate Intelliflow Systems

How do I super-chlorinate an Intelliflow system? Press the MORE and LESS button at the same time.  When the  lights begin blinking, you are now Super-chlorinating.