Simple 14-Step Guide to Using Pool Closings

Simple 14-Step Guide to Using Pool Closings


This is what you will need to close your pool.

1. Remove the ladders.

2. Clean your pool filter.

3. Lower the water level to just below jets a-2.

4. Add the pool closings chemicals. This typically includes

  • non chlorine shock
  • stain and scale
  • algicide
  • DO NOT add anti-freeze

5. Completely drain all the water from your pool equipment including the pump and filter.

6. Turn your filter to the winterize setting.

7. Remove the filter cap, pressure gauge and site glass. Then remove the drain plugs from the pump and filter.

8. Remove the “eyeballs” or directional fittings from the returns in the side of the pool, the strainer and the skimmer baskets.

9. Blow out the return lines and fit the plugs in. DO NOT add anti-freeze.

10. If applicable, drain your heater then disconnect it.

11. Remove the pressure switch.

12a. If you have a chlorinator systems, disconnect it.

12b. If you have a salt system, drain the water from it and remove the cell. Clean with a cell cleaning solution of muriatic acid and water.

  • 4 parts water, 1 part muriatic acid.
  • Never add the water to the acid. Always add the acid to the water.

13. Store all the fittings, pressure gauge, plugs, etc. in the skimmer basket.

14. Put on the pool closings. There are 3 types:

  • A water bag cover held in place by vinyl bags filled with water
  • A beaded lock in cover attached to the coping
  • A safety cover fastened with straps and attached to the pool deck with springs and anchors.