Pool Design

A fine pool enhances the property

A great pool is the result of fine craftsmanship, appropriate technology and pleasing design.  It should reflect its location, the style of the owners and their chosen water activities.

At Pro Pool and Spa we make great pools by combining experience with a desire to create the best pool you can imagine — right in your own backyard!

Designing a Pool for Your Backyard

When you first start thinking abour adding a pool to your backyard, you probably wonder how it will fit in. Fortunately, your pool contractor can help you visualize how it will look before you begin and can help you with landscaping the area around the pool so it blends seamlessly into your backyard.

Your design will take into consideration how you intend to use the pool, the latest and most efficient technologies, and various details such as fencing, privacy, and maintenance.

A great landscape design enhances the value of the property and creates intimate spaces and pleasant vistas, while drawing the eye to focal points in the garden. Some of the elements that may be used include water features, lighting, buildings, waterfalls, retaining walls, decks, patios, and slides. The end result should look comfortable, as if this arrangement was a natural juxtaposition of earth, water, and plants.


Your pool should be easy to maintain and give you years of pleasure. Key to a successful design is a pool where the water circulates well through the pumps, pipes, filters and heating equipment.

It’s all about the flow and flow is all about minimizing resistance. Your contractor will take into account the lengths and size of pipes, the weight of the water, and all the fittings, as plotted on the plans.  The final calculation determines the size of the pump and whether it is variable, one-speed or two-speed.  Better flow with less resistance means that the pump needs less horsepower to move the water through the system.

A well designed system operates smoothly, efficiently and therefore, with less expense.

The award winning team at Pro Pool and Spa can design and build a pool that fits your needs.
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