Designing A Pool

There are 4 options you might want to consider

  • an inground pool
  • an above ground pool
  • an onground pool, often built into a deck and partially dug into the ground
  • a swim spa

Inground Pools

One of the first considerations in design a pool is the construction. Inground pools give you 3 options:

  • Vinyl-lined
  • Concrete
  • Fibreglass


Vinyl-lined or pre-fabricated pools can be built in a week and are extremely durable. They can be finished to resemble tile, rock or mosaic and allow for waterfalls, benches, and hydromassage jets.

The project begins with excavation . Then walls of galvanized steel or polymer panels are put in place and supported by steel braces. A poured concrete based holds them in place. Then sand and concrete are used to create a hard smooth pool floor.

Before the backfill is replaced, the plumbing and decks are installed. The last step is to snap the vinyl liner into place. Air bubbles and wrinkles are removed with a vacuum and the pool is filled with water, stretching it into its final perfect shape.


Firbreglass pools are smooth and non-porous, one-piece shells that withstand harsh weather conditions extremely well. They are available in many shapes and sizes. They also have no impact on the chemistry of the water and the rounded corners inhibit the build up of algae and bacteria.

These pools arrive on a flatbed truck ready to be lowered into the excavated hole. The plumbing and deck is then added. The whole project takes a small crew and can often be completed in less than a week.


Concrete pools provide an unlimited variety of shapes and finish. They are strong and durable and easily accommodate a number of accessories from slides to vanishing edges. Of course, they take longer to build and construction can be subject to the weather.

After the ground is excavated, concrete will be poured over or sprayed into forms and reinforced with rebar. The concrete is smoothed with plaster and finished in one of many options.

Above Ground Pools

This is an affordable option for many homes. They are usually made of fibreglass or metal, lined with vinyl  and are about 4 foot deep. Easily installed above ground they are non-permanent and can be disassembled and moved which means they can come down for winter, moved to a different part of the yard or to a new home.

Onground Pools

Onground pools are only partially dug into the ground which makes them an excellent choice for landscapes that are rocky or sloping. They are usually surrounded by a deck and are a more permanent yard feature than an above ground pool.