Looking for the pleasure of a hot tub in your home? Let us make the comfort and relaxation of hydrotherapy part of your life. Today’s home spas are

  • energy efficient
  • easy to maintain
  • provide bubbly relaxation, and
  • hydro massage

Choosing a Hot Tub

If possible, wet test your preferred spa. Yes, sit in it for 30 minutes and see if it is still comfortable.

  • do the jets stick into your back?
  • does the water flow at the right height for your body?
  • is it deep enough?
  • is it quiet running?
  • is there leg room?
  • are the benches comfortable?
  • does it feel safe when you walk around inside it?
  • can you get in and out with ease?

Installing a Home Spa Makes Sense

Home spas provide soothing pleasure, entertainment and health benefits. The warm flowing water of a home spa dilates blood vessels and increases circulation, bringing fresh, oxygen-rich blood to help remedy sore muscles and joints. Heat also relieves muscle spasms and tension and can improve range of motion.

Pro Pool and Spa can install and maintain your home spa. We work with reputable manufacturers like Paragon and Sunrise. You can choose from a wide variety of tubs from smaller spas where a single person can lounge in comfort to large hot tubs that seat 7 people or more.

In many cases, no special plumbing is involved. Some models even plug in to a standard electrical outlet. However, all hot tubs are heavy and need to stand on a surface that can  support the weight of the tub, filled with water and your guests! If you want to sink it to ground level, you will need a contractor. If you want to install it indoors, you will need to ensure the room has proper venting so that you can control excess humidity.

Pro Pool and Spa can help you choose where to locate the spa; can help you build the right foundation and hard wire the spa if needed.

Imagine enjoying a relaxing hot tub experience in the midst of winter.

Locating Your Hot Tub

Did you know that statistically, if the hot tub is less than 5 feet from the back door, it will twice the use of one 15 feet away.

Here a few tips for locating your hot tub!

  • Think about privacy and access in all seasons
  • Make sure the foundation is solid, level, and unlikely to shift
  • Choose an area that is sheltered, but away from plants that shed leaves into the water
  • Situate the spa in a place where the view from the water is pleasant and where it won’t be a sore point in the overall landscape
  • Keep away from power lines
  • Choose an area where access to the equipment panel will remain clear and easy


Pro Pool and Spa also sells accessories for your hot tub including

  • covers
  • chemicals, and
  • maintenance packages