Common Salt System Questions and Answers

Salt System Questions and Answers


Q. Why is sanitizing with salt better than chlorine or bromine?
A. The water is soft, pure or sparkling clean, there is little chlorine smell or irritation, no red eyes or dry skin. The discomfort of dealing with chlorine fumes, tablets, or liquid is completely eliminated. The salt doesn’t wear out or evaporate, it gets used over and over again.


Q. What are the correct readings for salt in my pool?
A. Salt readings should be between 2700 – 3200 ppm. If your reading is between these numbers DO NOT ADD SALT.


Q. How often should I shock the pool and how do I do it?
You should shock the pool with a salt system either after a party or similar event, every two (2) weeks or if the water is cloudy. Put your unit on Super Chlorinate for 12 (twelve) hours. Return the switch to the auto position the next day.
NOTE: If your reading is below 2700 ppm, refer to your owner’s manual for the appropriate amount of salt to add to bring your unit back to its proper operating range.