Saving Water – Saving Electricity

These days people are concerned about the environment and the economy. As a result we’ve been asked what pool owners can do to conserve water.

Unfortunately there is very little you can do to reduce your water usage.

One option is to add a cartridge filter which eliminates the need for backwashing your pool. Backwashing flushes a fair amount of water to the road, chemicals and all, so this will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your water usage. With a cartridge filter you simply remove the cartridges and clean them with a garden hose.

There ARE other environmentally friendly things you can do as well

  • Switch to a Variable Speed Pump. The initial cost of the pump is a bit hefty, however, it will greatly reduce your hydro bill as well. For example, the average pool owner with a regular pump pay $.18 / kilowatt hour. A variable speed pump costs $.06 / kilowatt hour to operate. If you do the simple math, you are spending 2/3 less to run a variable speed pump – you will get your money back from the initial cost of the pump in about one to two years !!