Zodiac Chlorinator Troubleshooting

Zodiac Chlorinator Troubleshooting


Depending on water chemistry, occasional manual electrode cleaning of the Zodiac Chlorinator may be necessary.

Note: Always turn pump off prior to installing or removing the cell. Your pump/filter system is operated under pressure and pressure must be released before you begin.

Open the air relief valve on your pool filter to release the pressure in the system. (Zodiac Chlorinator)


  1. Switch off the filter pump and salt system.
  2. Close necessary valves.
  3. Unplug the leads from the cell terminals.
  4. Undo the two barrel unions joining the cell housing to the pool filtration system and carefully remove the cell housing.
    • Lay the housing upside down on a flat surface with the inlet ports on top.
  5. Mix cleaning solution in a suitable plastic vessel by adding one part of hydrochloric (muriatic) acid to ten parts water.
    • To avoid splash, always ADD MURIATIC ACID TO WATER rather than water to muriatic acid.
    • Solutions stronger that 1:10 will damage cell and void warranty.
  6. Pour the cleaning mixture into the upturned cell housing until the electrodes are completely covered.
  7. Allow the cleaning solution to dissolve the calcium deposits for approximately 5 minutes.
  8. When the electrodes are clean, pour the cleaning solution and the calcium residue out of the cell housing into a bucket of water.
    • The cleaning solution containing muriatic acid must be disposed of according to federal, provincial or local regulations.

FOR THE COMPLETE MANUAL GO TO Zodiac Pool Systems (Zodiac Chlorinator)

Cleaning a Hayward Aquarite Chlorine Generator

Cleaning a Hayward Aquarite Chlorine Generator


How do I clean my chlorine generator cell ? It is a Hayward Aquarite Chlorine Generator.

To service and clean the Aqua Rite Cell:

  1. Turn off power to the Aqua Rite before removing the electrolytic cell.
  2. Remove the electrolytic cell
  3. Once removed, look inside the cell and inspect for scale formation (light colored crusty or flaky deposits) on the plates and for any debris which has passed through the filter and caught on the plates. If no deposits are visible, reinstall.
  4. If deposits are seen, use a high pressure garden hose and try to flush the scale off.
  5. If this is not successful, use a plastic or wood tool (do not use metal as this will scratch the coating off the plates) and scrape deposits off of plates.

Note that a buildup on the cell indicates that there is an unusually high calcium level in the pool (old pool water is usually the cause). If this is not corrected, you may to have to periodically clean the cell. The simplest way to avoid this is to bring the pool chemistry to the recommended levels as specified.


Mild Acid Washing – (Aquarite Chlorine Generator


Use only in severe cases where flushing and scraping will not remove the majority of deposits.

  1. To acid wash, turn off power to Aqua Rite.
  2. Remove cell from piping.
  3. In a clean plastic container, mix a 4:1 solution of water to muriatic acid (one gallon of water to one quart of muriatic acid).
    • Be sure to wear rubber gloves and appropriate eye protection.
    • The level of the solution in the container should just reach the top of the cell so that the wire harness compartment is NOT submerged.
    • It may be helpful to coil the wiring before immersing the cell.
  4. The cell should soak for a few minutes and then rinse with a high pressure garden hose.
  5. If any deposits are still visible, repeat soaking and rinsing.
  6. Replace cell and inspect again periodically.

FOR THE COMPLETE MANUAL ON HAYWARD AQUARITE VISIT www.goldlinecontrols.com and got to “manuals”.

Critical Aspects of Salt Water Chlorination

Critical Aspects of Salt Water Chlorination


What are the advantages of salt water chlorination?


Salt-water chlorination makes your pool much easier to maintain, needing much less attention than a chlorine pool.

Because the chlorinator is adding chlorine to your pool automatically, twice every day, there is much less chance of anything going wrong, avoiding costly clean up measures.

Salt-water chlorination is less than half the cost of a chlorine pool to run.

Saves time, saves money, eliminates problems!

Chlorine Generator Red Flashing Lights

Chlorine Generator Red Flashing Lights



There are red flashing lights on my chlorine generator saying “check cell.” What should I do?


Check the salt reading on your unit and verify that your salt level is between 2700ppm and 3200ppm. If you are too low you will have to add salt, if you are too high the only way to reduce this reading is by draining some of the pool water and adding fresh water.

Aqua Rite Chlorine Generator Readings

I suddenly have strange readings on my Aqua Rite Chlorine Generator ?

This occurs when you have accidentally switched your unit from the Fahrenheit mode to Celsius mode so the readings will be different.

To switch your unit back to the Fahrenheit mode do the following:

  1. Hit the black diagnostic button until you have a temperature reading.
  2. Then flip the button up to the ‘Super Chlorinate” position and straight back down to ‘Auto’.

This will put you back into Fahrenheit mode.