Changing a Pool Light Bulb

Basics of Changing a Pool Light Bulb

How do I replace my lightbulb in my pool?  

There are generally two types of lights: either Aqualamp, or Proseries.


Changing a Pool Light Bulb:

For Aqualamp:
Give the lightpod a ¼ turn and pull it right out of the pool wall onto the pool deck. Remove the 4 screws and replace the bulb. Be sure to replace the O ring at the same time otherwise the light will leak.


Changing a Pool Light Bulb:

For ProSeries:
The light should pull right out of the niche. Place it on the pool deck. Remove the 4 screws and replace the bulb. Be sure to replace the O ring at the same time otherwise the light will leak.

Saving Water – Saving Electricity

These days people are concerned about the environment and the economy. As a result we’ve been asked what pool owners can do to conserve water.

Unfortunately there is very little you can do to reduce your water usage.

One option is to add a cartridge filter which eliminates the need for backwashing your pool. Backwashing flushes a fair amount of water to the road, chemicals and all, so this will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your water usage. With a cartridge filter you simply remove the cartridges and clean them with a garden hose.

There ARE other environmentally friendly things you can do as well

  • Switch to a Variable Speed Pump. The initial cost of the pump is a bit hefty, however, it will greatly reduce your hydro bill as well. For example, the average pool owner with a regular pump pay $.18 / kilowatt hour. A variable speed pump costs $.06 / kilowatt hour to operate. If you do the simple math, you are spending 2/3 less to run a variable speed pump – you will get your money back from the initial cost of the pump in about one to two years !!


Regular Maintenance

It seems in the pool industry there are two categories of pool companies: those that do pool installations and ‘main services’ such as openings, closings, liner replacements, safety covers etc.  Then there are companies that specialize on weekly maintenance. These latter may also do openings, closings and other maintenance.

Weekly or monthly maintenance is not part of our services. We focus on installations, repairs, openings and closings.

If you need a pool maintenance company, contact us for a referral.

Keeping the Pool Free of Dirt on the Bottom

Getting the dirt out of the bottom of a pool can seem difficult but it’s really quite easy.

You’ll need a kreepy krauler and a long brush. Before you put the kreepy into the pool, use the brush to stir the dirt out of the corners. It only takes a few minutes. Then drop in the kreepy krauler and let it to the rest of the work.

The kreepy is designed for maintenance between heavy cleaning. You shouldn’t rely on it immediately after pool opening to pick up leaves and larger quantities of debris. That requires a more thorough cleaning.

Pro Pool & Spa doesn’t do this kind of maintenance however, if you contact us, we can put you in contact with a pool cleaning service.

Regular dirt shouldn’t clog up your filter

Algae in Salt Water Pools

Recently a customer asked me what they should use to control algae in their pool. Since their pool uses a salt water conditioner, they wondered if algaecide was still needed or should they simply add more salt. They also wanted to know if algaecides were still effective in salt water and if there were any issues around using them.

You can use all the same chemicals in a salt pool that you would use in any other type of sanitized pool. Thatmeans regular chlorinator, UV, bromine etc. So yes, if you are having problems with algae in your salt water pool, go ahead and add algaecide.