How to Understand Your Water Levels in Your Pool

How to Understand Your Water Levels in Your Pool


Q. I think I’m losing water. My Water levels are dropping

A. First put a mark on the side of the skimmer faceplate with pencil or tape. Monitor this mark for a 24-hour period. If water drops by more than an inch, shut the system down for a 12 hour period and monitor to see if water drops faster with the pump on or off. If water drops faster with the system on, the probability of an underground plumbing leak is good. If water drops at the same rate with the system on or off, the probability of a liner leak exists.
Note: High wind areas, non-use of a solar blanket and backwashing are all things to consider.

Draining Water from a Pool

Draining Water From a Pool


How Do I Drain Water From the Pool?

If you have a filter with a backwash valve it is simple.

  1. Turn the valve handle to “waste” until the required level is reached.
  2. Do not move the handle while the filtration is running. Turn the power off before moving the handle, and back on after, or you will damage the backwash valve gasket causing it to leak.

If you have a cartridge filter then water can be siphoned out with your garden or vacuum hose.