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Pro Pool & Spa Opens Up

When you combine more than two decades of experience with state-of-the-art equipment, you can’t help but create an outstanding-service. Those twin pillars of excellence are precisely the building blocks on which Pro Pool & Spa Ltd. has been erected.

Alan Forsythe, who heads up the new business in Wellesley, has established his own spa and pool installation and repair business after 24 years of first-hand, front-line experience as the foreman at Terry Howald Pools in Kitchener.

Wife Kristy, with a solid background in commercial banking, will be an integral part of the team, taking charge of the office management function in the new family-run enterprise.

Operating out of their home in Wellesley, Alan and Kristy are offering their customers a complete “start to finish” installation of new, in-ground pools or hot-tub spas.

Alan is also fully trained in the repair and retrofitting of older pools.

Automation and high-tech are buzzwords at Pro Pool & Spa. The couple have invested substantially in the latest pool servicing technology, much of which can be used to minimize the eternal bane of the pool owner – tedious, routine maintenance.

Alan says customers can take satisfaction and comfort in the knowledge that Pro Pool & Spa backs up all of its iinstallations and repairs with reliable, after-sale service.

“I’ve taken various training courses and obtained numerous certificates in pool and spa repair and installation,” Alan noted.

When you make pool and spa repair and installation your life’s work, you get very, very good at it. And, when your business is home-based, you can cut down on over-head and pass those savings on to the customer. That’s the edge customers have when they choose Pro Pool & Spa, Alan pointed out.