Waterloo Hot Tub Maintenance Company

Waterloo Hot Tub Maintenance Company


Waterloo Hot Tub Maintenance Company, Pro Pool and Spa, is a hot tub installation company which specializes in hot tub installation, repair and maintenance. The company offers services with a high degree of expertise that has a long term experience in the hot tub installation, repair, chemical balancing and maintenance. Furthermore, our experts are highly qualified and therefore have an utmost capability on solving any issue that arises from hot tubs. We offer a wide range of quality services that are cost effective as well as giving you the value for your money.

Waterloo Hot Tub Maintenance Company, Pro Pool and Spa, is licensed and insured and hence you can be assured of reliable first-class hot tub services. Our team of experts troubleshoot problems with your tub after which a written recommendation is handed over to you for assessment before we start working on your tubs.


Services Offered By Waterloo Hot Tub Maintenance


The company is fully committed in provision of hot tub services to you at a cost effective charges. Our services are ranked among the best and they include:

· Draining and refilling: This is a common and notorious problem associated with hot tubs. Our team of experts who are specialized in draining and refilling will give you tips such as giving directions on how a hot tub should be maintained in order to avoid recurrence of this issue. Draining of a hot tub may take us about one hour and refilling it usually depends on water availability and pressure but it can’t take more than three hours. After all this, our professionals offer advice on how to maintain the tubs.

· Cleaning stagnant water: Failure to flush and periodically clean water lines may lead to clogging and even trapping of debris. This service is readily available and you can inform whenever you need it.

· Clogged filters: Depending on their usage, filters should be cleaned at least twice a month and replaced twice a year. We offer exceptional unclogging services as our professionals have exceptional knowledge in this area.

· Heater failure: This problem usually results due to low water ph due to corrosion of the heating element with acidic water elements. This mostly is solved by our experts by replacing the heater with a brand new one.

· Pump seal leaks: Poor water chemistry is the major causative agent of leaks.

  • Waterloo Hot Tub Maintenance has a first – class professionals who can solve pump leaks comfortably by repairing the leaks and thus restoring them to operational conditions.

· Burned circuit board: When the heater terminal screws get loose, power connection to the heater is lost and this results in building up of heat in the circuit board and eventually blowing up of circuit board. Though complicated to other companies, our experts have mechanisms of taking it back to its normal condition at a pocket friendly cost.

· Circulation pump failure: Many modern hot tubs have a 24/7 circulation pump. This continuous water circulation could lead to pump failure depending on the chemistry of the water. Waterloo Hot Tub Maintenance experts may solve this by first altering the water chemistry and later unclogging the pump.

Waterloo Hot Tub Maintenance Company, Pro Pool and Spa, fully specializes in installation, repair and maintenance of hot tubs. Our rates are very fair and reasonable. We are always at your service at all times and you are therefore welcome to enjoy our services.